How Can I format json or pretty print json or beautify JSON Document?
How to format JSON Document?

In order to format the JSON document. Just click the format icon on the menu bar of the the JSON editor. This will beautify the JSON string instantly. You can also make json look pretty and in readable format.

What is Sync Mode and its features?
How to format JSON Document?

In this mode user will be able to view the JSON document in Code View and tree view. If user updates the JSON document any of the two pane, the other pane will get updated automatically. User can also use Tree view to sort the JSON document, search for an node, drag and move the node etc

What is Compare Mode?
How to format JSON Document?

In this mode user will be able to compare two JSON document. In order to use it, just paste the JSON string and click on "Compare" button. It is very smart JSON comparator/JSON Diff, it understands the order of json node and highlights the diff in a very cool tree view.

What are other features of this editor?

It has many other features like

  • JSON Viewer to beatify the json document.
  • Add jsonnode in the tree view.
  • Search json node in the tree view.
  • Sort JSON Node.
  • Edit and update JSON in Text mode and Tree mode.
  • Chrome browser allows you to add the website on the desktop.
  • This json editor works offline.
  • It is privacy friendly meaning no JSON data is stored or transmitted to any system.
  • You can easily work with enterprise json data.
  • Validate JSON for correct syntax.
  • A completely Free JSON Editor to use and download.